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How much is a website?
This depends on what type of website you want, the complexity, how much control you want over it, and who is going to make it. Before I actually give anyone an actual quote, I usually ask them what their budget is. Usually if someone needs a website.
How long does it take to make a website?
Again this depends on the complexity of your website and how urgent you need it. I always ask my clients how quickly they need their website up and running; whether it’s super urgent and they need it in two week, not so urgent and they need it in a month or so, or not urgent at all and they need one at some point.
How does wavewebtech help users/clients/businesses.
wavewebtech lists the top performing companies of various IT domains according to their ranks obtained in the research process. Seekers can browse wavewebtech’ categories for outsourcing various services solutions with verified reviews. The seekers can even compare the prices of different companies for similar services and products. Hence, it becomes a huge reduction of tasks for the service seekers to find an authenticated company product online for their businesses..
How is wavewebtech different from other listing platforms?
Our prices are low compared to our competitors. We charge per category selection and not per web page.
Our review process is short as compared to our competitors.
Our one of the ways of collecting reviews is: we directly contact a company’s client and take note of his/her experience.
We have an extra section – Company Certifications : GOV UDYOG AADHAAR CERTIFICATE L NO : GJ24D0019731
What is the advantage of browsing IT companies at wavewebtech? .
The prime focus of wavewebtech being a research and review platform for IT companies is to bring you the best of services and software solutions; no matter which part of the world you are located. The team of wavewebtech works on bridging the gap between the top developers, designers, and software products of the world and the seekers.


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