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Shopify is a hosted solution eCommerce website and shopping cart application. While a popular platform, it does have pros and cons like most shopping cart platforms do.
Shopify provides a set of initial templates that can be customized to your branding standards and does have capabilities to sell digitial files and standard products. Shopify is a hosted solution, meaning it runs on their servers and is hosted by them. A benefit of Shopify is users can change the design of the website without much technical knowledge, but HTML and CSS can be edited as well.
At wave we can help guide you in the right direction, deciding if Shopify is the best solution for your business by looking at your goals, needs and budget. Shopify may or may not be the right platform of choice depending on the level of customization you need and your project goals.
Shopify Website Design & Development Services Includes:
• Custom Shopify Theme Design
• Theme Coding & Implementation
• Shopify SEO Set Up
• SEO Campaign Implementation
• Plug-In Setup & Configuration
• eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization
• Payment & Shipping Set Up
• Launching Shopify Store
• & much more

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